Honk machine (Honk-Overdrive)

I like a big mid-range boost with ODs. That’s why I like two TS in series for instance, one for rythm, the other for choruses to add gain and to cut through the mix, or a TS in front of a Marshall Bluesbreaker or Guv’Nor pedal.

So, I developed a pedal with an adjustable mid-boost module, followed by a classic OD with some special features to soften the sound and enhance signal : the Honk Machine !

My Honk-module boost bandwidth (of course, mids can be cut instead of boosted … nice effect with Les Paul, for example) :

Honk machine finalThe first prototype

On this prototype, switches are for :

  • 2+2 : when off, clipping made with 2 x (Mosfet IRF520 + Ge 1N34) ; when on : 2+2 MA856
  • Fat : when off, “standard” 47nF (+4.7k) to ground from – input of the first opamp (clipping) ; when on (“Fat mode”), 220nF
  • Hard : when on, 2 x 1S1588  to ground

Evolution of Honk Machine : I abandoned the idea of JFET clipping, as well as bass boost, so there is now a simplified version with only one switch for soft / hard clipping and  2 “magic diodes” MA856 for soft clipping + 1S1588 for added hard clipping.

Yellow Honk Machine

Custom Honk Machine

Honk Machines …

OK, let’s get back to business, here are the samples :

Fender Stratocaster – Honk Machine – Marshall 2203 :

Stratocaster-Honk Machine-Marshall_ 2203-Soft_OD

Stratocaster-Honk_Machine-Marshall_ 2203-Honk_ Effect

Gibson Les Paul – Honk Machine – Marshall 2203 :


Gibson Les Paul – Honk Machine – Simul amp + reverb :


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