Have you said “flipflop” ?

(Specially for my friend Pat ;-) )

Ibanez, Boss and many others have not chosen to implement 3PDT true bypass, but instead transistors based flipflop circuits in their effect pedal. Probably because it’s cheaper !

See the following schematics (many thanks to Tonepad, GeneralGuitargadget, Steve Cerutti, R.G. Keen, Jack Orman) …

First, see Steve Cerutti (GGG) TS808 schematic (I surrounded in red the flipflop circuit) :

ts-808 ggg flipflop circuit

Then, have a look on tonepad schematic, implementing 3PDT for true bypass :

tonepad-ts 808 true bypassWe could even imagine remove buffering from this schematic, as proposed by Jack Orman in the R.G. Keen article :

R.G. Keen Tube Screamer article

References :
Geofex R.G. Keen article

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