Boss DS-1 Classic Distortion Effects Pedal Modded

Boss DS-1 DistortionThe DS-1 is the well known “orange pedal” from Boss … it provides a harder distortion effect than ODs. Completely stock, I find this pedal quite toneless / fuzzy and it provides to my ears harsh distortion, not reproducing nuances of playing.
Like many others, this pedal can be modded to sound far better.
Here are samples made for my friend “Pr Torode” specialist in pedal modifications.

To record these samples, I use my Squier JV ’57, Boss DS-1 Torode modded pedal, amp simulator (and HP sim) directly connected to my Mac, very with (little) reverb.

Distortion levels are at first at 9 o’clock (OD), then 12 o’clock, then to the max. Tone is always in mid position. For each distortion position, I play first the neck PU, then middle, then bridge (you can ear little click when I switch for on PU to the other).

Here are samples in mp3 192kbps : Boss DS-1 Modded DS1Torode mp3

Here are the same samples, not compressed, in Aif format (caution : modem burner)

Boss DS-1 schematicBoss DS-1 Schematic (out of the box – Thanks to Phillip Bryant)

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2 Responses to Boss DS-1 Classic Distortion Effects Pedal Modded

  1. It seems that Boss DS-1 is so popular amount all the distortion pedals. I like this pedal too. I am just so familar on using it and no other pedal can compare with..

  2. John says:

    thank you! great post and very helpful!

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