VOX AC30 1968

New in da place … tests to come !

Vox AC30 1968
Vox AC30 1968 Grey Panel

Vox AC30 1968 Panel
Vox AC30 1968 serial
Vox AC30 1968 serial cabinet
Vox AC30 1968 PTP and Loudspeakers
Vox AC30 1968 Loudspeaker T1088
Vox AC30 1968 Loudspeaker T1088 #2
Vox AC30 1968 Loudspeaker Face 1
Vox AC30 1968 Loudspeaker Face 2
Vox AC30 1968 Loudspeaker code
Vox AC30 1968 Loudspeaker made in england

BTW, I’m looking for this kind of screws, 2 or 3 have been replaced with ugly parts …

VOX AC30-screw

It seems to be from 1969 if we look at Celestion cone code (see the Celestion site) :

  • EB22 : 22 mai 1969
  • EB7 : 7 mai 1969

(many thanks to superchouf from www.projetG5.com)

Variable resistor AC30 vintage

What’s the purpose of this variable resistor ?

OK, it’s time to service this baby, and this will help me a lot :

Stephen Grosvenor a service engineer's guide to the Vox AC30 valve amplifier

Stephen Grosvenor : “A  service engineer’s guide to the Vox AC30 valve amplifier”

See The Vox AC30 Guide web site

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2 Responses to VOX AC30 1968

  1. Yeah how does this compare with the CC Chinese Model?

  2. t-geek says:

    The CC is not so far from the 68-69 AC30, specially when plugged in the grey-blue alnicos … but it definitely misses the vibrato channel full of honk on the AC-30 CCH !

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