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‘70s Fender Twin Reverb

A nice Fender Twin Reverb from 1976. Master volume, export version. 100W_Mast_Vol_SF_Twin_Rev_Schematic BW_Layout_Twin_Reverb 40 years old caps, I prefer to replace them … Export version … The voltage selector is dead : I replace it with a new one from … Continue reading

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How to bias a Blackstar HT Studio 20

A nice Blackstar HT Studio 20. My customer asked for new tubes. I do not have the schematic, but what I see is that this amp has a mix cathode / fixed bias system … so bias must be adjusted. … Continue reading

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Deluxe 5E3 saturation

Here is a nice Tweed Deluxe 5E3 made by IT-11 Audio (see This amp is great for blues and rock well known for its early breakup.  What is the first stage involved in this saturate tone ? Here is … Continue reading

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Ceriatone JTM45 !

A nice JTM45 / KT66 from Ceriatone, with IT-11 Audio 2×12 speaker cab and Gibson SG circa 66 Perfect combo ?

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IT-11 Audio Supercharger on stage

Neal Black plays this live concert on Supercharger amps, Honk Machine and Active ABYBox ! Manu Lanvin and Neal Black on stage (see amp page : See Honk Machine web page

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New video : IT-11 Audio Supercharger Spring 70s

Eric Collet, from Mess Zero, is trying the new Supercharger Spring ’70s : For more information, please see :

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IT-11 Supercharger Spring ’70s

Hey, a new Supercharger ’70s, this time with a nice spring reverb ! 50W, 2 x EL34 cathode bias (no need to rebias it while on tour !) Tubes  : 1 x 12AU7, 3 x 12AX7, 1 x EF86, 1 … Continue reading

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Silverface Fender Bassman 100

A Bassman 100 on the bench. Missing PT (burnt, I suppose …) bassman_100_schem Thanks to for the layout, thanks to Chris A. for pointing out an error This model of Bassman was made from 1972 to 1976. This one … Continue reading

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New ! The Highwayman Route 88

Same as the Highwayman, but with more meat ! Please go to the Highwayman Route 88 page

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12″ guitar cabinet – vented

It’s a cab equipped with a great WGS Reaper 55Hz speaker ! 600mm x 408mm x 290mm Vented (70Hz) Speaker : WGS Reaper 55Hz – 30W Wood : 18mm / 12mm

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