Long tailed pair phase inverter


Let’s have some fun while simulating a long tailed pair PI under PSPICE.

Here is the schematic :

Long Tailed Pair PI SchematicAnd here are the results of the simulation :

Output waves Long Tailed Pair PI 1Vpp signal injeted at the input. 30Vpp at the inverting and at the non-inverting output, so 60Vpp at nonInverting-Inverting (to following power tube stage), so a differential gain # 60

Differential Gain Long Tailed Pair PI 20 LOG(60) # 35dB, that’s correct !

Let do the math : differential gain is :

Differential Gain Formula Differential Gain Long Tailed Pair PI

With Ra = 100k, ra = 60k and μ = 100, by calculation we obtain a gain of 62,5 !

Not so bad ;-)

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