Laney GC-30V

Laney GC-30VIn my understanding, this model will become later a VC30 …

Combo 210 : 3x12AX7, 4xEL84 2×10″ loudspeaker

laney gc30v schematic

Laney GC-30V 1Laney GC-30V 2

Thin power wires …

Laney cms

CMS on the dark side of the PCB ;-)

This amp sounds pretty good, but input jacks are weak … to be replaced. Reverb to be serviced on this one. Compared to the schematic, 20V to 40V more on certain parts of the circuit … to be calmed down a little …

See also analysis of drive channel grid current limiting and cut-off there

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2 Responses to Laney GC-30V

  1. Joe says:

    Hey man.
    Very helpful site. I had a question.

    Just got a GC30V and I want to do the mod where I lift r49. Tough for me to see but is that one of the surface mount resistors on the back of the board?

    • t-geek says:

      Sorry for my late response. Not 100% sure, but yes, I think R49 is on the dark side ;-) I think with care, you can desolder it …

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