Fender Twin Reverb silverface 135W

Today, a friend of mine gave me this amp to be checked (from time to time, no sound out, kind of “mute” unwanted when played).

Fender twin reverb 135W silverface 1Fender twin reverb 135W silverface Electrovoice loudspeaker2 huge Electrovoice loudspeakers … this amp is definitely very heavy to carry

Fender twin reverb 135W silverface tube chartTube chart

Fender twin reverb 135W silverface back

Fender twin reverb 135W silverface schematic

Fender twin reverb 100W silverface schematic

To get 135W, power supply provides higher voltages (+50V), compared to the 100W model. 135W model has an ultra linear output transformer. UL OT, high voltages, bright cap on MV pot make this amp definitely too bright for me !

Fender twin reverb cab

Fender twin reverb 135W silverface and Musciman sixty fiveFor fun : cousins !

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4 Responses to Fender Twin Reverb silverface 135W

  1. Lex Bos says:

    Can you or anyone send me a wiring layout diagram, prefeably couloured, of this 135W fender silverfeace twin reverb?
    A friend of mine had it modified by someone but it returned completely ruined. He asked me if I could fix it. I have the schematics, but a wiring layout diagram or even pictures sure would help a lot.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Lex Bos

  2. t-geek says:

    Ootch … a layout ? I suppose you tried google ?

    I’ll have a look and try to find one, but not sure I’ll get one …

  3. cj says:

    Yes I need a layout for my 1977 ultralinear twin reverb. I found the schematic but cannot find a layout at all. Any help??

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