Carlsbro CS 60 CT

A nice Carlsbro CS 60 CT to restore …

CarlsbroCS 60 CT

Carlsbro PowerCord

Power cord is missing … Bulgin ! I will use my Marshall PA 20 power cord ..

Carlsbro CS 60 CT Mullard EL342 Mullard EL34. The first is good, the second is dead …

Carslbro CS 60 CT recapRecap. New F&T black caps much smaller than old blue ones …

Carslbro CS 60 CT almost done

Light bulb replaced. I’d like to find smartie knobs for a more colored faceplate ;-)

Carlsbro CS 60 TC schematic

Carslbro CS 60 TC and Marshall cab

Carslbro CS 60 TC and Marshall cab Weber mass

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2 Responses to Carlsbro CS 60 CT

  1. PETER says:

    Hi! Look at my CARLSBRO CS 100 BTC with C-core transformers. It sounds amazing.
    Best Regards.

    • t-geek says:

      Hello Piotr / Peter

      Nice pictures, and great cab ! You have all the smarties knobs on your Carslbro, that’s cool !

      Nice transformers !

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