Bulgin Plug Wiring

A female bulgin plug. E is for Earth, L for Lead, N for Neutral.

Bulgin plug marshallBulgin plug marshall 2Bulgin plug marshall 3Used for old Marshall, Hiwatt, Carslbro … amps.

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3 Responses to Bulgin Plug Wiring

  1. Vincent says:

    Also used for some Wem speaker cabinets… :)
    I spent weeks to find what that plug/socket was! Damn… Just ask the tonegeek!

  2. Vincent says:

    For information, the female plug is a Bulgin SA2097 and the male socket is a Bulgin SA2096. And you can find some on ebay, from a UK seller who has NOS. I bought a pair for my new friend, a WEM Control ER30 ;) I need to build a speaker cabinet now…

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