Microsoft Windows 8 will propose an app store !

These days, every mobile phone platform poposes an app store, as well as third party app marketplaces. And the model extends to desktop operating systems : e.g. Apple launched last month a Mac App Store, Intel launched its AppUp Center for Windows Software. Microsoft is expected to include an app store in its next-generation Windows 8 operating system.

This app store is called the “Windows App Store”. Will Apple file a trademark claim against Microsoft ?

The Windows App Store looks like it’s very integrated w/ the operating system. The toolbars and sidebars look a lot like Windows Explorer.

Historically, a Windows app store wasn’t needed since most software can be found in physical stores and on web sites. But App Stores are successful because finding, purchasing, and managing apps is so simple !

App stores show ratings, customer reviews, automatic updates, software guaranteed malware-free and that makes the app store model very attractive for consumers.

Companies like Apple, but also Google, and Microsoft benefit by taking a cut of revenue from app store sales.

Microsoft Windos 8 app store

Microsoft Windos 8 app store

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