HP Palm teaser …

As you already probably know, on 9 February, just before the MWC 2011, HP will hold a press conference in the US and obviously, it’s all about WebOS and new products, including smartphones and tablets. So, after TheDaily iPad and event Honeycomb Google, it’s HP that starts to tease on his event with a website and a video …


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3 Responses to HP Palm teaser …

  1. webosfan says:

    I’m an ex webOS user since Palm took so long to release a new device so I jumped ship to the EVO while something new baked at Palm/HP…looks like my expectations are finally gonna be met or surpassed! Go webOS!! :D

  2. SoZo says:

    Please. PLEASE! Let this be a Sprint CDMA WebOS smartphone. Make it strong. Put in adequate battery. Make it “4G.”

    My original Palm Pre is nearing retirement…

  3. HP-Palm-Addict says:

    that was a poor attempt at a teaser

    be more creative HP!

    WebOS has potential!!

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