Free for a limited time : Coin drop by Full Fat Productions

A lot of fun, really !!!

See Coin Drop hereCoin Drop Full Fat ProductionsCoin Drop Full Fat Productions score

Tips for the Gumball Madness level :

Coin Drop Full Fat Gumball MadnessNotice that if you release the pink female coin as in position 1, the pretty ball will get out horizontally (3). Look and shoot carefully at the right moment !

I get 45 on 45, except for the *$#@/!! “Just Dessert” part, because of the /%*$°# “Gumball Madness” level ;-)

Full Fat Coin Drop

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5 Responses to Free for a limited time : Coin drop by Full Fat Productions

  1. Nico says:

    that really helped I was stuck for several times! thx!!

  2. Kaz says:

    Thanks for that advice but I’m not having much luck getting three stars any advice apart from keep trying

  3. no reply says:

    thnk u soo much i did actually get 45 stars in just desserts too thnks for the halp

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