An iPad companion this month ?

Seagate is best known for its hard drives, has announced “something” for iPad ! That could be pretty cool. A companion ? A WiFi NAS ? A … what ? The company is not saying which type of product it will be, but obviously we guess that it will have something to do with storage.

This is for this month !

What’s not clear is whether we’re talking about some sort of physical storage solution that will help make up for the fact that few of today’s tablets offer more than 64GB of disk space. While some Android tablets offer USB host capabilities, which would let you just plug in an external hard drive, the Apple iPad is a bit trickier due to a proprietary docking port and the lack of USB host support or even a file browser.

We could also think about a kind of cloud storage, an online storage locker that can be used with an iPad or other tablet …

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