Playhaven Geared – Tips for level 126

Playhaven Geared for iPhone – Tips for level 126, have fun !

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2 Responses to Playhaven Geared – Tips for level 126

  1. Terri says:

    I followed these instructs to a T , yet the top #2 gear only turns the blue gear on my iPhone. I have completed this puzzle like 6 times in a row, just like pictured yet all the gears won’t turn. All the gears except the blue gear on the top right hand side will turn , which without that one it won’t advance to the next level……..HELP!!!!

  2. t-geek says:

    Yes, I admit, this level is quite pain in the a*
    See carefully step 5
    I think the secret is how this grey gear is placed. If it is too much up, following steps won’t work (gear won’t turn …)
    Try again ;-)

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