IT-11 Highwayman amp

IT-11 Audio proposes this cute Highwayman amp I designed and built.

It’s a low wattage amp (10 – 12W) for recording and small clubs gigs  purposes.

It uses 1 6SL7, 1 EF86, 1 12AU7 and 6V6 + 6L6 as power tubes : mixable power tubes configuration with two master volumes : no need of “6L6 to 6V6 conversion” or “How to replace 6V6 with 6L6headaches ;-) (although it is not very difficult to interchange 6V6 / 6L6 in an existing amp)

Clean and crunch tones !

IT-11 Audio Highwayman

Samples :
Highwayman amp Crunch ES335
Highwayman amp Clean ES335

Highwayman with a CS Telecaster – Julien Bitoun playing

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