IT-11 Audio Pedals

I designed and I build these effects pedals

Honkmachine OD

An overdrive with :

  • An « honk filter » : boosts or attenuates medium
  • A lot of harmonics
  • First grade components, vintage clipping diodes, 3 Texas 4558
  • 2 modes clipping (Soft / hard – Custom model only)

HonkMachine StdHonkMachine Custom


Fender Telecaster CS – Bridge PU – IT-11 Highwayman amp – Played by Julien BitounHonkMachine OD + telecaster
Gibson SG ’69 – Played by François Delfin : Francois-Delfin-HonkMachine

Marceau Guitar – Bassman ’72  - Played by Nicolas Garcia :

Germanium Booster

A juicy Germanium Booster with vintage mil spec components to crank your amp ! Play it very treble or add some fat with the Oompf pot !



A classic Germanium Fuzz with an old style battery pot. This pedal offers a little distorsion, a creamy tone or a nasty distorsion depending on the guitar volume pot


ABY Active Box

Send your guitar signal to one amp, a second amp or both. Equipped with 2 buffers to prevent signal loss on stage


Simple Buffer

This buffer prevents loss of definition of the guitar sound. It has  a high input impedance and a low output impedance output, no gain (gain = 1). Very helpful to keep a good sound when using many true bypass pedals, or long cables


Fuzz Friendly Buffer

A classic buffer makes a fuzz sound terrible ! This special buffer is designed to make a Fuzz sound like a fuzz when placed after a buffered pedal or a wah.

Contact me for more information

Contact me for more information

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