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Blackstar HT5 bad sound

I got this nice little amp to fix. It fizzed. I checked the tube : OK … then I saw R39 resistor was burnt. I spiced the FET PI, replaced the burnt resistor and compare voltage : good !   … Continue reading

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IT-11 Audio British Blues Amp

Based on a very classic and well known 18W, with a tube booster …      

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‘70s Fender Twin Reverb

A nice Fender Twin Reverb from 1976. Master volume, export version. 100W_Mast_Vol_SF_Twin_Rev_Schematic BW_Layout_Twin_Reverb 40 years old caps, I prefer to replace them … Export version … The voltage selector is dead : I replace it with a new one from … Continue reading

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Boss Chorus Ensemble CE1

A nice Boss CE1 to fix (in fact, the switch ON/OFF is malfunctioning … need to be clean up) Anyway, here are some pictures of this nice effect pedal, hope this will help if you want to fix or build … Continue reading

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Neal Black Facebook page

Publication de Neal Black Blues. Neal uses IT-11 Audio HonkMachine OD and Active ABY Box on stage !

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How to bias a Blackstar HT Studio 20

A nice Blackstar HT Studio 20. My customer asked for new tubes. I do not have the schematic, but what I see is that this amp has a mix cathode / fixed bias system … so bias must be adjusted. … Continue reading

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PHP set cookie localhost not working MAMP

In case you can’t set a cookie from PHP when testing locally (localhost) with MAMP, you have to check « output_buffering » in your php.ini file. Go to the right MAMP folder  that contains the php.ini file. Be careful, there is probably several … Continue reading

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Deluxe 5E3 saturation

Here is a nice Tweed Deluxe 5E3 made by IT-11 Audio (see This amp is great for blues and rock well known for its early breakup.  What is the first stage involved in this saturate tone ? Here is … Continue reading

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Tweed active AB Box

An active AB Box covered with tweed (Input A : harp, input B : lap steel, active output to amp), made for Cotton Belly’s singer (see Greatness video) Very simple buffer :

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Ceriatone JTM45 !

A nice JTM45 / KT66 from Ceriatone, with IT-11 Audio 2×12 speaker cab and Gibson SG circa 66 Perfect combo ?

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